Step 1 - Clean soles or area you plan to work on with water and a brush or towel then dry off completely.

Step 2 - Apply Reviver on area needed. (you can use the top of the bottle or a paint brush to help apply evenly)-If you come in contact with reviver wash off immediately (this shouldnt happen if you're using just the top)

Step 3 - Wrap the area of the shoe you're working on with clear cling wrap. 

Step 4 - Then place the part of the shoe that your working on in direct sunlight for around 30mins-HR (time amount varies just try not to let soles get too hot, you can use ice packs to cool them off) Once soles start to heat up take inside to cool off; once cooled off take back outside for another 30mins-HR. (REVIVER DOES NOT NEED TO BE REAPPLIED DURING THIS STEP. THE REVIVER IS GOOD FOR ABOUT 8-10HRS BEFORE YOU NEED TO WASH OFF AND REAPPLY)

Step 5 - After having the shoe in direct sunlight for 8-10hrs remove cling wrap and wash area with cold water and a brush or towel. (if the part being worked on isnt the desired shade repeat steps above)

For any more help click the link below

God of Soles Youtube Videos

I am not liable for any damage done to your shoes.  I provide all the steps necessary for you to get results.  Results and time vary.